Help Us Out

Hello, so you would like to help us out? Actually there are many ways to support us so I’ll list out a few.
You could apply to become an official staff member of JAD, we’re always looking for:

  • - Anime Team (Encoders, Linkers, Uploaders)
  • - Cartoons Team (Encoders, Linkers, Uploaders)
  • - Movies Team (Encoders, Linkers, Uploaders)
  • - Graphics Team (Photoshop Experts)
  • - Programmers (PHP, cURL & etc)
  • - Chat Mods (Must be friendly)

If you have some cash to spare and willing to send us a donation to keep our servers running, we also accept paypal donations. I haven’t set one up yet but I’ll do so soon, contact me if you’re that keen on donating.

If none of the above fit you, you could still help us out! There are still many other ways to support us:

  • - Like us on Facebook
  • - Report Videos that are dead (Please, this helps you and us)
  • - Request Series (We don’t know what you want, we might have just missed adding that on)
  • - Tell your friends about us!